I was born in the Netherlands, and I lived there in my childhood, before moving to Curaçao as a teenager. After living in Britain for twenty-five years, I now live in Sweden with my long term partner Anders.

I come from a mixed British-Caribbean heritage, with a British mother, and a father from Curaçao (or as they would say "dushi korsou" which translates roughly as "beautiful Curaçao"), and I'm extremely proud of my both my heritages, often saying I am "an English rose with Caribbean roots."

In my childhood years, and beyond, I've always loved to read books. Thicker the books were, the better for me. Typically I'd go to the local library borrow many science fiction and fiction books, and the book worm that I was (and still am!) would read them all in a few days... then go back with them all and borrow more.

The genres that interests me the most tend to be science fiction, fantasy and historical novels, with Isaac Asimov, Christie Golden and Jean M. Auel probably as the top three (all sharing first spot there). In addition to reading books, other interests that I have include needlework and crafts, archaeology, science topics, playing MMO games (mostly World of Warcraft), cooking, photography, and web design.

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