NOTICE: The above book is for illustration purposes only. Currently, it's undergoing rebranding with a new title and cover for re-release on January 1, 2019
The new book cover will be revealed on November 1, 2018, on this page:

At the beginning of December 2017, I decided, with the advice received from various people, to rewrite my books to make sure they're better than what I had on offer so far.

I'm on a journey that to me, being an introvert and being shy by nature, is a terrifying one BUT I want to DO this.

It will end with the re-release of my first ever novel The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 1: The Stone of Truth which will be re-released in early 2019 and it will be rewritten, read through, re-edited, proofread, and as needed to be rewritten again...MY GOAL is a better book that SHOWS you the world I created, that SHOWS you the unfolding story, that SHOWS you a world gripped in a terrifying war it's facing.

But the book WILL NEED true FANS to succeed when it is ready for re-release. YOU can help here...

I'm now looking for people who WANT to become A FAN.

I'm already aware that my goal is going to cost money. I guess I'm going with the "where there's the will there's a way" so I guess I'll make this HAPPEN. Just join my Facebook page shown below and I will give updates there as stuff happens...