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Latest news snippet 13 September 2017

I'm so glad you found my website. I've been really busy to get it ready but unfortunately the scaffolding is still up...if you stare long enough you can just picture in your mind what it may look like. In my world this scaffolding would be made of match sticks all meticulously glued together with super glue and then painted all over with pink, purple and red. Okay...perhaps that takes it a bit too far but you get the idea. The website is being worked on (well always as I'm always writing books. About once a month this top section of this page will CHANGE to show updates to this page.

Check back often...I'm working on making sure all pages are added and updated. You do have to realise I'm a book writer first, so this process may take a little while.

Blessed be,

Nathalie xxx

Below you see the entry points listed for my genre mini-portals which will lead you to my book list in that genre. These are all the genres I write or will be writing, so if there's a message saying "not active yet" it simply means that NO books have been published yet in that genre. It DOES mean, however, that eventually the books will come so join my Facebook page to keep appraised of the latest updates and news.

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coming soon not active yet not active yet
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BOOKS WRITTEN UNDER VARIOUS PEN NAMES OWNED BY NATHALIE (Not active yet so the names are a surprise until the FIRST BOOK under one of these names)
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