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At the beginning of December 2017 I decided, with the advice received from various people, to rewrite my books to make sure they're better than what I had on offer so far.

I'm on a journey that to me, being an introvert and being shy by nature, is a terrifying one BUT I want to DO this.

It will end with the re-release of my first ever novel The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 1: The Stone of Truth which will be re-released in early 2019 and it will be rewritten, read through, re-edited, proof read, and as needed be rewritten again...MY GOAL is a better book that SHOWS you the world I created, that SHOWS you the unfolding story, that SHOWS you a world gripped in a terrifying war it's facing.

But the book WILL NEED true FANS to succeed when it is ready for re-releasing. YOU can help here...

I'm now looking for people who WANT to become A FAN.

I'm already aware that my goal is going to cost money. I guess I'm going with the "where there's the will there's a way" so I guess I'll make this HAPPEN. Just join my Facebook page shown below and I will give updates there as stuff happens...

Below you see the entry points listed for my genre mini-portals which will lead you to my book list in that genre. These are all the genres I write or will be writing, so if there's a message saying "not active yet" it simply means that NO books have been published yet in that genre. It DOES mean, however, that eventually the books will come so join my Facebook page to keep appraised of the latest updates and news.

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