I decided to redesign it so it will function more as I'd like it to appear. This page is just a temporary page to display some of the information that will be coming to this website. One of the features I'm planning to do is to make certain that readers are treated to their own individual community for each genre.

So if you like Epic Fantasy, for example, you'll be able to find all the news, information on books and other details by - eventually - clicking on the "Epic Fantasy" banner to the right. In each individual section, we will add information about the novels, novellas and other books written, as well as upcoming books, re-releases, and work in progress.


What's coming?


In the future, the latest book to be released will be on display as a banner at the top of this page with a built-in link to take you directly to the book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other places I'm releasing a book.

The FIRST book to be displayed here will be displayed here will be the first book in the series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra with a rebranded second edition title to be revealed on my official Facebook page which is listed below.


The rebranded cover will be shown for the first time on 1 November 2018.
The book is scheduled for re-release on 1 January 2019.

Schedule of upcoming work 

Coming soon.



You can keep up in touch with me on my Facebook page which you can visit by clicking the link below:




Please note that all release dates are subject to change due to scheduling. A scheduled release date may be pushed back up to three months if there are unforeseen delays. Any such information will be placed on our official Facebook page whenever it is possible. We appreciate readers want our books fast and we and all those on our team work hard to make this happen.